Blue World City

Project Details

Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad is one of the most popular and largest society in terms of size. It is a project of well established and recognized ‘Blue Group Of Companies’. The owner of this society is Saad Nazir, Son of ex-Deputy Commissioner Lahore, Chaudhry Nazeer.  The ideal location of BWC connects all important places like M2 Motorway, New Airport, CPEC, Rawalpindi, Islamabad. Blue World City focuses on bringing you a captivating housing society catering to your needs.

Housing wealth accumulation takes time, but the location, innovative modern design, and features of BWC are skyrocketing its popularity among the national and overseas Pakistanis. The BCW loves everything about the Islamabad lifestyle and understands the unique allure of living in the town, so it blends the charm of Islamabad with its unique features.

Furthermore, in the near future completion of Ring Road project will cut short the traveling distance between BWC, Bahria and DHA. Beside all these features yet it is offering the lowest price to invest in the society property.

Blue World City Location

BWC is located on the main Chakri road in Moza Sihal. Apart from access to Chakri Road, BWC is at the edge of Islamabad and Lahore Motorway reaping the benefits of proximity to the CPEC interchange, new ‘Islamabad International Airport’, and the Chakri route. The cherry on the top, it is the only housing society linking prospective Rawalpindi Ring Road. Moreover, the neighborhood of places like Capital Smart City, Qurtaba Township, and Eighteen Islamabad.

The Blue Print Of Blue World City

BWC has spent years in designing an impeccable environment after understanding the complexities and lifestyle in the twin cities, they came up with a tremendous architectural community-oriented master plan. Its designed is sophisticated to cater all the basic and modern demands of prospective residents. The master plan of The BCW has four major blocks which are:

  • General blocks
  • Overseas Blocks
  • Awami block
  • Blue Farm Houses

Salient features of Blue World City

Four enterance gates

Replica of Blue Mosque

Biggest water Theme Park

Underground electric wiring

Interconnected major roads

Commercial hub

Sports complex

3D cinema

Pools & Spas

Schools & Colleges

Best hospitals

24/7 security

Blue World City Project Details:

Blue World City comprises several Blocks such as:

  • Blue World City Orbital Flats
  • Blue World City Country Farms
  • Blue World City Awami Complex
  • Blue World City Overseas Block
  • Blue World City Waterfront Block
  • Blue World City General Block
  • Blue World City Sports Valley Block

Following are the project details discussed with every feature:

Blue World City Overseas Block:

The society offers overseas block, which has become the high point of this remarkable housing project.

The overseas block is intended solely for the overseas Pakistanis who have acquired higher expectations and taste for lavish facilities. A limited number of residential and commercial plots are available in the overseas block on a first come first serve basis.

This opportunity is a convenient opportunity for Pakistani citizens living abroad to invest safely in Pakistan at a very economical rate.

Location of Overseas Block:

The Overseas Block has direct access from Chakri Road and will enjoy its designated gate directly through the Main Gate of the society. The housing project will also have access from Rawalpindi Ring Road, which will directly connect Blue World City Islamabad with Motorway M-2 and Islamabad city in the next 2 years. The project is gaining a lot of attraction from the local and international investors for its convenient and appealing location.

Overseas Block is specially designed to cater to all the needs of the Overseas Pakistanis who are willing to invest in their homeland. The major deterrence for the Overseas investors is the issue of scams. So, it is good news that BWC and Overseas Block is no scam while offering legal investment opportunities in Rawalpindi. All the facilities and amenities in this Block are provided to provide the Overseas residents with an abroad like environment. Such facilities offer a familiar lifestyle. Direct access from Chakri Road, M-2 Motorway and Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR) is also a plus point for the residents of Overseas Block.

Blue World City Waterfront Block:

Blue World City Waterfront Block is the recent addition to the Blue World City project. The area is right by the waterfront in the society and front of Overseas Block. The residents could enjoy the serenity of the society with calm waterfront views.
Located in the vicinity of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, you could dwell on just minutes’ notice to your office or business. In fact, all the residential and commercial amenities are made available within the society so that no one has to leave the area to fulfill their needs. Even state-of-the-art healthcare facilities could also be availed from within the premises of society.

Blue World City Executive Block:

The Blue World City introduces its latest block, Blue World City Executive Block, a brilliant addition to the already mesmerizing residential society. The Executive Block is located at an ideal location and can be accessed via various routes. Moreover, it lies in the vicinity of the twin cities; Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The Executive Block is going to be the epitome of luxury, class, and elegance. The residents of the block will be provided with all the basic and modern facilities and amenities. The Executive Block of Blue World City is going to offer an ultra-luxurious lifestyle to the residents.

Blue World City Executive Block will offer the residence of their dreams to the residents at very reasonable rates. It offers plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 20 Marla at a 4-year installment plan.

Note: The Executive plots are not available currently.

Blue World City Overseas Executive Block:

Blue World City Overseas Executive Block is a great addition to the master plan of the Blue World City. The booking of the Overseas Executive Block has already started. The Overseas Executive Block offers residential plots of the following size:

  • 7 Marla (175 Sq. Yd.)

Orbital Apartments:

Orbital Apartments in Blue City offers a premium style luxurious lifestyle. If you are fond of panoramic scenic views all day long, then no other apartment option in Pakistan could get better than this.

Orbital flats offer luxurious yet affordable living options with world-class infrastructure development. The idea of the orbital flats is to provide spacious and budget-friendly residential properties.

With increasing population, vertical residential developments are the new trend in Pakistan and worldwide, thus the need to develop orbital flats. The Orbital apartments include several features including spacious spaces, dedicated lifts, themed interiors, world-class services, 24/7 maintenance and much more.

It is providing all the high-class features and amenities such as the tallest horse mascots, water theme park, 208ft. wide orbital avenue with lush green and well-maintained public parks.

All the plush lifestyle at affordable prices are rare in Pakistan redefining the whole concept of luxury living with features as follows:

  • High-rise luxury apartments
  • Scenic overlooking penthouse with dedicated special elevators
  • Themed interiors
  • High-end services
  • Atrium
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Gyms
  • Spa
  • 24/7 top-notch maintenance and services
  • Uninterrupted utility supplies

Blue Hills Country Farms:

Living a busy and hectic everyday routine life can become a burden. To get a break from this stressful environment one always dreams of living in a peaceful and tranquil place where you can enjoy the natural beauty and experience luxury. To meet that need Blue Hills Country Farms are included in its vicinity.

Whether you are a businessman or a 9 to 5 job person, living a stressful life could affect your mental and physical health. That is why a serene environment, close to nature and away from the urban hustle, is needed to freshen up. Blue Hills Country Farms is a perfect getaway location for those looking to live a stress-free life. The farms offer a close to nature and peaceful environment.

Location of Blue Hills Farm Houses:

The location of the Blue hills farmhouse is ideally placed at the most serene area of the society, with a beautiful water stream flowing nearby and surrounded by the natural magnificence of the society. The peaceful and soothing environment of society is a perfect place to enjoy a life full of harmony and solace, away from the city.

Blue World City Awami Complex:

Awami Residential Complex is the newest addition to the majestic housing project, Blue World City. The complex comprises independent and duplex units each equipped with all necessities required to live a luxurious life with incredible views of society. Each unit is designed to provide sustainable infrastructure, upscale amenities, and comfort.

Keeping in view the residential needs of the general public, Awami Residential Complex is being developed to meet the growing demand for affordable housing properties. The Awami complex comprise single duplex units with budget friendly construction process, but quality was never compromised. BWC Awami Complex is the pinnacle of cost-effective housing constructions.

Location of Awami Residential Complex:

The location of this Awami Residential Complex is parallel to the main Blue World City with directed access to Chakri Road, one of the most demanded areas near Islamabad International Airport.

The development will be executed by the Blue Group of Companies with the highest qualities and will consist of common spaces and services at the height of this emblematic property.

Blue World City Sports Valley Block:

The very latest addition to the master plan of the Blue World City is Sports Valley Block. The launch of this block is exciting news for the sports lover as this block is going to promote sports tourism in Pakistan. It will feature Pakistan’s largest cricket ground, accommodating more than 55,000 viewers and a huge parking space for almost 15,000 vehicles.

25 recreational parks are also going to be built, along with courts for volleyball, badminton, futsal, tennis, and basketball. It will also feature open-air gymnasiums, bowling alleys, cycling tracks, and hiking trails. The following structures will add to the beauty of the block:

  • Villaggio Mall
  • Torch Hotel
  • Blue Mosque (Copy of the Blue Mosque in Turkey)

The block offers residential and commercial plots of different sizes at affordable rates.

Sports Valley Block Residential Plots:

This block offers residential plots of the following sizes:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Sports Valley Block Commercial Plots:

It offers commercial plots of the following sizes:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 8 Kanal Mega Commercial Plots

Note: The payment plan for the commercial plots will be announced soon.

Blue World City Payment Plan:

The society has offered a 3-year, 4-year, and 5-year installment plan for the convenience of its investors. Bookings start with only a 10% down payment.

CEO Blue World City has announced easy payment plans of Blue World City as follows:

Blue World City General Block:

General Block of Blue World City offers a 4-year payment plan for 5, 8, 10 Marla, 1, and 2 Kanal luxurious plots. This modern style Block is designed to provide a luxurious and cost-effective living style, upscale facilities and services, and an appealing location.

The management is offering 5 Marla for 14 Lac and 90 thousand rupees, with only a 10% down payment of 1 lac and 49thousand rupees. 40 monthly installments will just cost 14 thousand and 900 rupees. 8 half-yearly installments will cost 93 thousand and 125rupees.

The management is offering 8 Marla for 19 Lacs with only a 10% down payment of 1 lac and 91 thousand, and 500 rupees. 40 monthly installments will just cost 19 thousand and 150 rupees. 8 half-yearly installments will cost 1 lac, nineteen thousand and 688 rupees only.

The management is offering 10 Marla for 22 Lacs and 90 thousand with only a 10% down payment of 2 lac and 29 thousand rupees. 40 monthly installments will just cost 20 thousand and 900 rupees. 8 half-yearly installments will 1 lac, 43 thousand and 125 rupees only.

The management is offering 1 Kanal for 42 Lacs and 90 thousand with only a 10% down payment of 4 lacs and 29 thousand rupees. 40 monthly installments will just cost 42 thousand and 900 rupees. 8 half-yearly installments will 2 lacs, 68 thousand and 125 rupees only.

The management is offering 2 Kanal for 83 Lacs with only a 10% down payment of 8 lacs and 30 thousand. 40 monthly installments will just cost 83 thousand. 8 half-yearly installments will cost 5 lacs,18 thousand and 750 rupees only.

The management is offering 5 Marla commercial plots for 90 Lacs with only a 10% down payment of 9 lacs. 40 monthly installments will just cost 90 thousand. 8 half-yearly installments will cost 5 lacs, 62 thousand and 500 rupees only.

Blue World City Executive Block Payment Plan:

Blue World City Executive Block offers a very easy-to-follow payment plan. Moreover, it offers a convenient 4-year installment plan for those who cannot pay the lump sum money at once. The Executive Block is offering the plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 20 Marla. Bookings start with only a 10% down payment.

The Executive Block is offering 5 Marla plots for PKR 875,000, with only a 10% down payment.

The Executive Block is offering 10 Marla plots for PKR 1,675,000, with only a 10% down payment.

The Executive Block is offering 20 Marla plots for PKR 3,150,000, with only a 10% down payment.

Note: The Executive plots are not available currently.

Frequently Ask Questions?

This is something that almost all customers asks to express cautiousness. Getting an NOC takes time about 7-8 years which means BWC is in the process yet.

Blue World City unlike any other society is very large consists of hundred thousands of Kanals land and overall development progress is still very good. First 5 sectors are developed and plot prices have already touched hikes.

First of all, this certification doesn’t have any impact on the standard of development set by Blue World City (BWC). With or without the RDA certificate BWC is keeping international standard of development which most of investors have already witnessed.

Blue world city is around 3 km away from Chakri toll plaza.

All the streets of the town are 40ft, and roads are 80-100 feet.

Any plot in Blue World City can be booked with minimum 10% amount and 90% installments in 4 years.

All those sectors like 1-5 are being resold on cash price due to high demand. Similarly, map approval for remaining society will definitely impact on their prices along with some other factors in near future.

The acquired land for Blue World City is nearly 50, 000 kanals and more land of 40, 000 kanals will be added in near future. The maximum target is 150, 000 kanals society making it one of the largest and modern.

Blue World City has already acquired nearly 50, 000 kanals land out of total 150, 000 kanals. Therefore, there is no shortage of land. All these rumours lacks ground reality.